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What Is An Industrial Centrifuge?

An industrial centrifuge is a machine used for fluid/particle separation. Centrifuges rely on the use of centrifugal force, generating several hundreds or thousands of times earth’s gravity. The law of physics governing centrifugal separation is known as Stokes Law . Industrial centrifuges are used for separating solids from liquids, liquid-liquid separation, and liquid-liquid-solid separation.



Biodiesel Biodiesel

Kyte Centrifuge offers RECONDITIONED centrifuges for biodiesel applications. Our centrifuges are suitable for instantaneous and […]

Beer, Beer, Wine & Juice Clarification

Decanter and disk-stack centrifuges are used for separation of fine solids (yeast, pulp, grain, etc.) […]

Drilling Drilling Mud

* Decanter centrifuges are used for separation of solids from weighted and unweighted drilling mud, […]